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I have been waiting for this day. Like many of you, I did not just sit on the fence and watch both candidates throw in the kitchen sink; I was active in some circles and pinched in some contributions. Many believed that we were not presented with the best of candidates, but that has always been the case with all electoral process of my lifetime. As we come closer to the Election Day, I knew in my heart that it was anybody’s game. Though the media predicted, pastors preached and “men of God” had their usual dreams, I knew it was all wishful thinking. It comes down to the people’s choice. Now, as expected, there are celebrations going on in one camp, while the other feels disappointed, but I’m glad it’s done with. At last, the 2016 United States of America presidential election is over.

No matter how you feel about the outcome, there’s one thing that stood out; American are not known to be comfortable with what is likened to a wanton sense of entitlement. It’s clearly wrong to feel that it’s your “turn” or anybody’s for that matter to be the president of the most powerful country in the world. That position is anything but hereditary. Invariably, you have an uphill battle of convincing the American electorate that you are different. A little bit is just ok. Yet, everything I read and heard over the past months was why Mr. Trump should not be president. There wasn’t much about why Mrs. Clinton is “different”. I was worried that this will not go well with people who are yearning for a change of the status quo. Apparently many Americans still longed for the change from Washington establishment that was promised them eight years ago. They saw a glimmer of hope in Mr. Trump’s candidacy. Hence the movement.

A lesson to be learned here is that politics still remains a game of numbers, and little consideration is given to the enormity of name calling. Moral character is one of the yardsticks to measure personal judgment, but perfect personality is not a prerequisite for the office of POTUS. When the people are willing to embrace change, for the most part here, they are well aware that it comes with a lot of sacrifice. The bandwagon of trolls and campaign of misinformation of the gullible on both sides only led to an unprecedented divide, but did not stop the democracy from taking it natural curse.

I was irked by the roll of the presumed liberal press in the process. Objective journalism has never been so clearly illusive. It saddened my heart how the press literally befuddled the populace on the extent of the power of the POTUS. They made it seem like the president could do whatever he “said”, apparently in an attempt to sway the people’s in one direction or another. For a minute, people forgot that Congress, and not the President makes the laws. We saw a total derailment from the substance of the issues at stake. Some of us looked beyond that because we know that the checks and balances of the position would keep the President under control. We hoped that American people saw it too and make an informed choice.

In the end, I think the election was between the people and the press, between popularity and substance, between reality and obfuscation, and most importantly between the establishment and the populace. One thing is for sure, the majority has spoken, and that’s the case in democracy. It may not be the result you wanted, but as the saying goes, the voice of the people, is the voice of God (not your pastor’s). You may take solace in the fact that if Mrs. Clinton had won the election, she would probably be a “lame duck” President. This is because the House of Representatives has 239 GOP members and 192 Democrats, and the Senate has 21 GOP members against Democrats’ 11. Now you know who appoints the next Supreme Court judge, and therefore how the judgemets are likely to sway.

I sincerely wish the best to the next president of the great United States, Mr.… sorry President Donald Trump.

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