Imagine Yourself in Her Shoes

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Someone shared this video showing the mayor of a city in Italy refusing to shake the hand of a black student. Watch closely. Did I hear you say what an imbecile? Yes, that was my reaction too.

What a FREAKING unconventional way of demonstrating the unwavering and insurmountable hatred certain folks still harbor in their warped minds against people who don’t look like them. This one really got me fuming! Still in this day and age? Was the mayor’s hatred for her of such a magnitude that she couldn’t restrain herself from showing it publicly? One would think that during such a mere gesture of recognition, someone occupying such a public service position should endeavor not to exhibit such a rather narcissistic and racist tendency. While nobody is under the obligation to like every mankind, courtesy demands that we recognize and respect each others dignity.

I am appalled by the glorification of a framework built around a certain supremacist value system, be it race, ethnicity or tribe. I also abhor folks who slaughter personality and behavior on the platform of racism. Like I said somewhere else, let me reiterate that being a racist is not a crime. Not anywhere in the civilized world. The simple reason is that no government can control what you personally believe. However, it’s well known that racism, or acting on a racist belief is illegal in most countries albeit being a challenge to prove. But let’s forget the law for a minute, racial discrimination is particularly hurtful to the person being targeted SOLELY because of their ethnicity or skin color.

Now, watch the movie again and tell me if there was any apparent justification for that show of ignorance and insensitivity. While it may be exaggerated, perhaps, a superfluous task to prove that it was done with prejudice, the incident must have been hurtful and will remain unforgettable to the young student. Moreover, it wasn’t for any reason necessary. At least that’s my impression.

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