EsteemLaw Opens at Ontario Airport Center

27 Jan 2014 22:50

EsteemLaw has opened a new office location to better serve our clients from around Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange Counties.

This office will continue to serve client in general civil litigation, personal injury, contract claims, No Fault insurance litigation, criminal defense, etc. Our office will operate primarily at this location. The office is close the Ontario Airport and 10 Freeway. It is also within walking distance to the Ontario Convention Center and easy for clients to find.

The new Ontario office address is:

Ontario Airport Center
337 N. Vineyard Avenue, 4th Floor
Ontario, CA 91764
Tel: (909) 353-0054
Fax: (909) 658-8991


Warning: Suspicious emails, letters or websites

17 Jun 2013 09:16

Once in a while, we may send out Newsletters to our subscribed clients, but please be aware that is occasionally the target of bogus emails, letters or faxes, that claim to be from EsteemLaw, but which are in fact part of a scam where someone is using our name illegally and without authorization from us to obtain a fraudulent benefit. This has been going on for sometime and our offices are not in isolations. Sometimes a bogus copy of our website might even be created to support the scam.

Frequently these communications take the form of an email. They might give the name of our attorney or a staff of EsteemLaw. Usually they state that the recipient should pay money in advance, so that the person/company might then be able to claim a substantial sum of money, for example, a purported inheritance as a beneficiary pursuant to a will. They may also ask for personal information to be divulged.

We have taken steps to prevent these scams, and will report any such claims to the relevant authorities. However, if you have received an unexpected email or other communication, stated to be from EsteemLaw or the attorney, but that looks as if it might be a scam, we strongly recommend that you simply ignore it and do not reply to it in any manner.

If you have any doubt about whether a communication that you have received is authentically sent by us, then please contact our offices.


Our Commitment to Green

28 Dec 2013 12:23

EsteemLaw is committed to the concept of environmental sustainability, because we believe it’s time to be mindful of what is happening to our climate. We want to commit Green Practices to encourage our staff to be active in preservation and conservation initiatives across California. With this in mind, we have decided to embark on a pledge to reduce consumption and promote conservation with our office practices. We also want to encourage our clients to make more environmentally responsible choices.

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