Business Transactions

We assist individuals and businesses with a wide variety of business transactions, whether their business is in the initial startup phase, growing in size, or preparing to dissolve. We understand that drafting a contract with precise language is essential to ensuring that all parties to a transaction get the benefits of their bargain and that those interests are protected under the law.

With that in mind, we approach our business law practice from a business prospective. Our goal is always to assist our clients with solid problem solving advice, corporate counseling and preparing legal documents for all types of business relations. We advise individuals and corporations engaged in commercial transactions on issues that affect their business structure, liability or interests, helping to make their time more efficient and their businesses more effective.

We can help you establish any one of the following business entities:
• Limited Liability Partnership;
• Partnership;
• Sole proprietorship;
• Limited Liability Company;
• S-Corporation;
• C-Corporation.

We also have significant experience drafting:
• Commercial Contracts;
• Terms of Use;
• Privacy Policies;
• On-Line Advertising Agreements;
• Non-Disclosure Agreements;
• Telecommunications Infrastructure Deployment;
• Cable Franchise Agreements.

We also represent individuals and businesses in business disputes involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, investment fraud, trade secrets litigation, non-disclosure agreements, predatory lending practices, partnership and shareholder disputes, international business law disputes, and business torts. Our approach is to first understand our clients’ business objectives, identify the legal issues involved, and help them achieve their goals.

Attorney Fees
Our fees are determined on case by case basis, and we’ll discuss our fee before we even accept your case. We do not have hidden charges and all our upfront expenses are documented and your approval will be required.

Get in touch with our office today to find out how we can help you achieve your business objective.