Information Technology

Information Technology laws provide the legal framework for collecting, storing, and disseminating electronic information in the global marketplace. These laws are triggered whenever you conduct any type of activity online, electronic mail (e-mail) communications, or even by owning a website.

This is because your transaction data is primarily stored in digital format, and those sensitive information are often times susceptible to manipulations. Our Information Technology Law practice focuses on the rapidly changing laws and regulations surrounding internet and communication technologies. Some prefer to call it Internet law or cyberlaw, but our practice goes beyond that. We work with clients on legal issues that relate to all telecommunications, media, e-commerce distribution and transactions via the internet or other network technologies, software licensing issues, data privacy and security. We advise clients on policies governing the use of the Internet and social media in the work place and home. We assist individuals and businesses with all their Internet related issues including issues relating to:

• Cyber squatting;
• UDRP/ICANN domain name disputes;
• Electronic Contracting;
• Electronic Signatures;
• Navigating the Communications Decency Act;
• Digital Millennium Copyright Act;
• Compliance with the emerging regulatory landscape;
• Privacy Rights;
• Electronic meeting rooms;
• Website terms of use and privacy policies;
• Website development issues, and
• Domain names.

Some of these are grey areas where people often are not aware of their rights and remedies. We will evaluate your situation to determine if you have a redressable issue whether you are involved in e-commerce or not. Contact us for a free case evaluation or contact us schedule an appointment to discuss how we may help you achieve your information technology needs. We’re here to provide you with the greatest level of legal representation that exceeds your expectations.