At EsteemLaw, we do not believe that justice should be for only those who can afford it. On the contrary, we believe that all lawyers have a moral obligation to assist individuals in our community who may need, but cannot afford legal services. As officers of the court, we deem it our duty to play a primary role to address the issue of abuse of justice and fairness in our community. We see it as part of our moral and ethical responsibility and an important component of our law practice to respond to the legal needs of some disadvantaged individuals, or marginalized sections of our community.

Our effort may be just a drop in the bucket, but we want to make it one that counts. Whenever possible, we extend pro bono legal services that meet the same standards of professionalism and services that we usually provide to our paying clients. We are willing help those individuals and entities of limited means on issues which could impact their rights and which may affect their homes, jobs, health and families.

Our pro bono referrals are usually sent to us through legal aid agencies, and we reserve the right to make all determinations as to the individual’s eligibility for the service. We may also make reduced fee arrangements when necessary.

Please contact us if you have a question as to whether or not a particular matter qualifies for a pro bono consideration.