Client-Focused Creative Solutions

Our difference is in our commitment to each client’s need and the determination to excel, a cause that has become the very essence of our practice. Each of our successful results can be attributed to our endeavor to be transparent in all our dealings, and keeping an open communication policy that you rarely get from others. As we learn the details of your matter, we do not lose sight of the big picture. Most importantly, you can count on our over two decades of litigation and transactional experience, and counseling clients on how to best navigate legal matters in both their personal and professional lives.


Our tagline and fundamental principle is “Client-Focused Creative Solutions” and we take it very seriously. There is no doubt that many competent law firms work hard on behalf of their clients, but our mission to provide excellence through commitment to our clients’ objectives enhances the quality of our services to them. We are not limited to strategic legal advice and application of technical skills to legal problems. We have a distinctive practice approach that offers customized legal strategy.


We are unrelenting in our commitment to our clients, pro bono, and diversity. We put the legal goals of our clients first, and combine our legal expertise with hands-on solutions to those objectives. It is of great importance to us to maintain an excellent and responsive relationship with them, so we shoot straight and stay on top of our game. Surely we cannot take every matter that comes our way, but when we do we work directly with the client to explore the legal avenues available. Due to the complexity of certain matters, we may procure the services of consultants or expert witnesses, and even make referrals to other specialized professionals. While we cannot guarantee results, rest assured that your matter is in good hands. We take pride in embracing the unique challenges that each matter presents.


We are constantly striving to provide unparalleled services based on transparency. Your initial consultation with us is free. Our legal fees depend on the kind service we are required to provide. However, most services are undertaken on a flat-fee basis. For instance you do not pay us anything up front to pursue a claim. The implication is that you do not pay any legal fee if we don’t recover for you. If we do, you pay a percentage of the recovered amount. Our clients usually sign a written retainer agreement that discloses the services to be provided and the expected fee.

When we render services that do not involve claims, our fees are clearly stated and explained to our clients to ensure that they understand the totality of the costs. We do not charge fees on an hourly basis unless the circumstance strictly calls for such charge. We can also create a payment plan for clients who need to make payments in monthly installments.


Our result-driven strategies are always tailored to our clients’ needs and communication with our clients is essential for optimum results. Our relationship with our clients is central to our success. We do not undermine client satisfaction with our effort, attitude, and communication. We know that the biggest complaint about lawyers is that they never call back. As much as possible we keep our clients informed and open up more ways of communication to make sure they are fully informed and up to date with their matter.

What makes us a cut above others is our overall distinctive approach that you don’t get from bigger firms. It is deeply rooted in our passion for justice, the basis of our practice and the foundation of our esteemed reputation for integrity.


There’s no doubt that knowledge and experience are very crucial factor to consider when choosing a lawyer. Mr. Anyanwu has been providing creative legal solution for more than two decades, and has been involved in numerous successful trials and transactions. He is always steadfastly committed to his client’s goals. This experience pre-empts innovation, but what drives him is the zeal to excel. Whatever your legal challenge is, he will work out a strategy that has your best interest in mind.

EsteemLaw represents experience, combined with the flexibility and attitude of an aggressive att0rney. So consider hiring a lawyer that will work hard to meet your unique legal objective; one that will provide you with professional legal representation you can trust.

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